The launch of Tea for Two in 1992 in the Netherlands was an instant success.

Press & Public, Architecture & Design world at home & abroad wanted to know everything about the elegant

Tea for Two balcony, which, because of its simplicity, is a redemption for city dwellers without outside space.

It is time to go abroad, where countless French balconies can become real balconies,

where one can sit, with a panoramic view of the city.

An opportunity for the balcony sector, investors and architects.

With a license, entrepreneurs are free to make Tea for Two a success in their country.

The preliminary work has been done and there is a market.

Free publicity

Tea for Two has been published in almost all Dutch news papers and design magazines and has been frequently on radio and television. 

Tea for Two has news value and free publicity is also possible outside the Netherlands.

Public prize Rotterdamse Designprijs 1994

Tea for Two won, among other things, the prestigious Audience Award of the Rotterdam Design Prize 1994.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Exhibitions in, among others, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Kunsthal Rotterdam 

and the Sonsbeek Arnhem pavilion


Tea for Two has 4 unique features

    1.   Self-supporting

    •    Compact

    •    Consoles not required

    2.   Shelf

    •    More width at arm hight

    •    Different styles possible

    3.   Removable furniture

    •    Table & seats

    •    Always ready for use

    4    Mounting method

    •    Just 6 anchors

    •    Suitable for all facade materials

    •    Even in hard-to-reach places

    •    Fast and without drilling into the steel


It is not necessary to develop Tea for Two yourself.

A license is more economical because it is sold per country.

You immediately have a fully developed design with all the subtleties that have grown over the years.

The license includes:

    1.   Copyright

    •    Balcony design

    •    Design variants

    2.   Engineering

    •    Balcony calculations in Scia Engineer

    •    Some site calculations

    3.   Production

    •    Production drawings in AutoCad

    •    Instructions for production

    •    Concept construction agreement

    4.   Mounting

    •    Standard mounting drawings

    •    Instructions for mounting

    •    Mounting method

    5    Presentation

    •    Presentation drawing in SketchUp

    •    Variants in SketchUp

    •    3D presentation manual in SketchUp on video

    6.   Publicity

    •    Use of brand Tea for Two

    •    Reference to website Tea for Two

    •    List of NL publications

    7.   Sales

    •    Procedure in the Netherlands

    •    Price structure

    •    Contract with client

    8.   Advice

    •    Transfer of know-how during 1 day via Skype

    •    Additional advice on hourly rate

    •    Concept license agreement

    9.   Balcony

    A real TfT balcony can be added as an extra

All in Dutch and according to Dutch standards.


You can copy videos, images and text from this website into your website.

The NL sales price is € 5500, - excl. VAT and incl. assembly within a radius of 100 km.

With the unique Tea for Two concept you can easily generate free publicity.

Your target group consists of homeowners and renovation architects in monumental city centers.

We can advise and provide price information for quotations.

We make a license agreement upon assignment.

You receive all the know-how and you can start production.

The Tea for Two® balconies are copyright protected

Models and variants, as well as the brand name are laid down by law. Counterfeiting is prohibited.