Royalty free

Also in your country countless French balconies can become real balconies,

where one can sit, with a panoramic view of the city.

An opportunity for the balcony sector, investors and architects.

Outside the Netherlands, you are free to manufacture and sell the Tea for Two concept.

You can use videos, images and text from this website for your website.

You can only use the brand Tea for Two® with our written permission.

Know-how package

You can develop the Tea for Two balcony yourself, but you can also use the existing know-how.

You can purchase the Know-how package and you will directly have

a fully developed design with all the subtleties that have grown over the years. This package includes:

1. Engineering

•. Balcony calculations

•. Site calculations

2. Production

•. Production drawings in AutoCad

•. Instructions for production

•. Construction agreement

3. Mounting

•. Standard mounting drawings

•. Instructions for mounting

•. Mounting method

4. Presentation

•. Presentation drawing in SketchUp

•  Variants in SketchUp

•. 3D presentation manual in SketchUp on video

5. Sales

•. Procedure in the Netherlands

•. Price structure

•. Contract with client

6. Advice

•  Transfer of know-how during 1 day via Skype

•  Additional advice on hourly rate

•. Additional visit by invitation

7. Balcony

A real TfT balcony can be sent as an extra

8. Brand Tea for Two®

Tea for Two® is a registered trademark.

Within certain conditions you may also acquire

the right of use of the brand Tea for Two.

All in Dutch and according to Dutch standards.

You can invite designer Pieter van Gendt

for a visit to discuss all aspects.