4x unique

    1.   Self supporting

    •    Compact

    •    No brackets

    2.   Removable top

    •    Wide at arm height

    •    Easy style adjustments

    3.   Removable furniture

    •    Table and seats

    •    Always ready to use

    4.   Mounting method

    •    Just 6 anchors

    •.   No scaffoldings, no crane

    •    Possible in impossible situations

    •    Ready for use in 4 hours


TfT meets the European requirements. The maximum load on the balcony is 500 kg.

Every site is measured in advance and inspected in collaboration with an engineering firm.

Wall reinforcement will be applied if structural support is required.


The zinc dipped steel has a double layer of powder coating with a 5 years guarantee.

The construction has a 10 years guarantee.

Simple mounting

Wall mounting with 6 stainless steel anchors.

TfT is applicable for windows or doors that turn to the inside, with a wall opening of a maximum of 200 cm wide. Thanks to the specially developed frame winch, now mounting is possible in almost any situation, even entirely from the inside of the building.

Bolt on to the facade with 6 stainless steel anchors

Removable furniture and top

TfT is luxuriously detailed and comes with easily removable table top and seats as standard.

The removable top is provided with a parasol holder.

Anchoring without/with columns

Inside possibly behind plasterboard or curtains